About Kabushka Ngemba

Kabushka Ngemba is a proud Ngemba woman from the Brewarrina region of NSW, Australia.

Her passion for art and storytelling stems from growing up in Community and her deep connection to her culture. Kabushka learned the knowledge of the Aboriginal Dot Art techniques from Aboriginal Artist, Morris Sullivan.

Her art is how Kabushka expresses herself and keeps her connected to her culture and the Ngemba lands.

Immersed in deep traditions, with a contemporary vibe, Kabushka's art showcases vibrant colours and profound story telling, giving her works an unmistakable identity.

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Kabushka Ngemba's Classes

With many years of teaching experience, let Kabushka guide you along on a cultural journey through her Indigenous Dot Art classes. Find out more about the beautiful land in which you're walking on and create your our story through a personalized indigenous painting. Click video below to see a snippets of this magical class!


Classes with Kabushka Ngemba