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Aboriginal Artefacts Burning and Painting Class

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Burn and paint boomerangs, clap sticks or didgeridoos

On the search for unique and rewarding cultural experiences in Sydney? Kabushka Ngemba leads this exciting artefact burning and painting class.

Over two hours, you'll learn how to engrave by burning a pattern into the wood. Then learn the ancient dot art form, all about the symbols, and their meanings to decorate your own artefact.

Kabushka is a charismatic speaker who loves to share her passion and knowledge for the arts and culture of her indigenous people — the Ngemba tribe.

At the end of the class, return home with new cultural knowledge and your completed artefact. This is a fun class, not to be missed!

Knowledge required


What you'll get

A completed artefact.

What to bring

A great attitude!


PRIVATE CLASSES AVAILABLE - Please email me at to book